User Credentials

User credentials allow you to interact with the Sentiance API. You need a token and user to authorize requests and query the right data.

Get User and Token

If the SDK is initialized, you can get the userID and token as follows:

NSString* userId = [[SENTSDK sharedInstance] getUserId];
[[SENTSDK sharedInstance] getUserAccessToken:^(NSString *token) {
NSString* accessToken = token;
} failure:^{
String userID = sentianceSdk.getUserId();
sentianceSdk.getUserAccessToken(new TokenResultCallback() {
public void onSuccess(Token token) {
String accessToken = token.getTokenId();
public void onFailure() {

If the token has expired, the SDK will get a new access token before passing it to the callback.


Generally, this operation will complete instantly by returning a cached access token, but if a new token has to be obtained from the Sentiance API, there is a possibility it will fail.

Specifically, failure in this case can occur if there is no network connection that can be used to communicate with the Sentiance API.