1. React Native Checklist
Follow the step below to integrate the ReactNative Bridge (SDK).

1. Installation

1.1 Dependency

2. iOS Setup

2.1 Pod Installation
2.2 Configuration: Background Modes
2.2 Configuration: Permissions
2.3 Background Detections

3. Android Setup

3.1 Dependency
3.2 Notification & Foreground Service

4. Data Collection & SDK User Creation

In order for the SDK to collect data the application would need to first "create a user" on the SDK. The "createUser" should ideally be called when the user registers, logs in.
4.1 createUser
4.2 linker
4.3 User linking in your backend
4.3 done()

Verifying the Integration

You can verify the SDK integration by reading the following statuses from the SDK
Note: If you find the startStatus to be PENDING it usually implies that the user has not granted location:always permission. To know more, click here
You can continue reading through the next sections to get a deeper understanding of the integration and the SDK capabilities.