Reward System

Integrate an in-app rewards system that leverages aggregated Sentiance data to celebrate user progress and achievements. This system is designed to visualize users' progress based on specific actions or accomplishments within the app, offering recognition, motivation, and a tangible sense of progress and accomplishment. By aligning rewards with desired behaviors or milestones, you encourage continued engagement and positive behavior change among your users. Here's how the rewards system can be customized and implemented:

  • Tailorable Badges: Create badges that are fully customizable, allowing them to be specifically defined based on population data or individual achievements. This flexibility ensures that badges can be relevant and motivating for different user groups or objectives.

  • Behavior Recognition: The system can recognize and reward a wide range of behaviors, including but not limited to:

    • Driving Behavior: Reward safe driving practices, improvements in driving habits, or participation in driving-related challenges.

    • In-app Actions: Acknowledge user engagement within the app, such as completing set tasks, engaging with new features, or consistent app usage over time.

    • Combined Features: Integrate rewards with other platform features, like challenges, streaks, or transport scores, to create a comprehensive motivation system that encourages a variety of positive behaviors.

GQL Definition: UserEngagementBadges

GQL Path: user.engagement.badges

query User($user_id: String) {
  user(user_id: $user_id) {
    engagement {
      badges {
        slice {

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