Overview of Sentiance Insights

Sentiance transforms smartphone sensor data into actionable insights, empowering you to develop personalized apps focusing on safety and sustainability.

Our platform leverages GPS data, accelerometer readings, and gyroscope information as input, and in return, it delivers an augmented transport, or stationary packed with motion insights.

We categorize them into two types of insights:

  1. Driving Insights: This includes essential details about car transports especially information about risky driving behavior.

  2. Mobility and Lifestyle Insights: This includes multi-modal transport details and various venues visited by your users.

More details are available in the specific sub-pages.

On-Device Vs Backend Processing

Currently, the data processing configuration offers two options: backend platform processing or on-device processing. Certain features might be accessible only on one of these platforms due to their inherent processing capabilities.

We are enhancing our on-device platform to achieve a high level of capability, aiming to match and even surpass the backend platform's performance whenever feasible and relevant. The overarching idea is inspired by the following compelling rationales:

  • Privacy: Sensitive data can stay on-device still allowing to run the models and gain the benefits of the end result.

  • Unit economics: The data transmission and processing cost is brought down dramatically by eliminating cloud computing.

The following insights and features are currently available OnDevice with more to follow.

  1. Mobility and Lifestyle Insights

  2. Crash detection

  3. Limited version of Driving Insights

The table below gives granular details about the individual features available on-device and in the backend. See Accessing Sentiance Insights for more details.



Transport Trajectory

Driving Events

Driving Scores

Driving Scores - Aggregated

Driver Passenger

Car Crash Detection

Car Crash Reporting


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Note that the exact features and the corresponding access mechanisms available to you depend on your use case and the contract signed with Sentiance.

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