Driving Insights

Understand your users' driving behavior to manage risks smarter, reward good driving behavior, and prevent accidents.

Sentiance Telematics Pipeline on the Backend Platform

Sentiance Telematics Pipeline enables to improve loss ratios and road safety by allowing our clients to:

  • model individual users driving

  • categorize users into different risk buckets and adjust premiums

  • engage and coach to improve user-driving behavior

The platform takes input from GPS fixes, accelerometer, and gyroscope data to produce augmented transports that include various valuable mobility insights. The steps involved are summarized in the following graph.

For more in-depth information about each component and how the platform processes the data to generate augmented transports and mobility insights, please refer to the corresponding documentation sections. The platform aims to provide comprehensive and actionable insights into user mobility patterns and behaviors, enhancing the overall understanding of user journeys and improving the user experience.

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