The "Streaks" feature is designed to recognize and reward users for consistent positive behavior. By tracking chronological data, it accumulates this information until a predefined threshold is reached, with the goal of motivating users to maintain their good habits over time. The default behavior of the "Streaks" feature focuses on counting the number of "excellent" trips consecutively made by a user, highlighting their continuous commitment to safe and responsible driving.

Examples of customizable streaks include:

  • Excellent Trips Streak (default behavior): Tracks the number of consecutive trips rated as 'Excellent' (e.g >90)

  • Excellent Days Streak: Tracks the number of consecutive days where the average score was 'Excellent' (e.g >90)

  • Good Trips Streak: Tracks the number of consecutive trips rated as 'good'

  • Action Consistency Streak: Monitors the maximum number of times a user consecutively performs a specific positive action.

GQL Definition: UserEngagementStreaks

GQL Path: user.engagement.streaks.current.driving_safe

Similarly there exists a safe streak for two-wheelers as well user.engagement.streaks.current.riding_safe

query User($user_id: String) {
  user(user_id: $user_id) {
    engagement {
      streaks {
        // provides the current streak
        current { 
        // provides the best streak
        best { 

Sub Streaks

In addition to recognizing overall safe driving and riding behaviors, the "Streaks" feature offers a variety of sub-streaks designed to acknowledge and promote specific aspects of user conduct



Highlights a series of trips deemed safe according to predefined criteria.


Acknowledges periods of focused driving without distractions


Rewards adherence to speed limits over consecutive trips.


Recognizes sequences of smooth driving, emphasizing gentle acceleration and braking.


Highlights a series of trips deemed safe according to predefined criteria.


Identifies instances where riders avoid making calls while moving.


Credits riders for avoiding harsh maneuvers that compromise safety.


Commends compliance with traffic laws across multiple rides.

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