Welcome to Sentiance! Our platform takes smartphone sensor data and transforms it into actionable insights, enabling you to create personalized apps that prioritize safety and sustainability.

What is the Sentiance Platform?

The Sentiance Platform is the foundation for all our solutions. It starts by harnessing sensor data from users' mobile devices. To seamlessly integrate with your mobile app, we offer an SDK that efficiently collects motion sensor data and GPS waypoints while ensuring utmost privacy protection at every stage.

Mobile SDK: Efficient, Precise, and Privacy-Focused.

Our Mobile SDK is designed with efficiency, precision, and privacy as top priorities. Here's what it offers:

  • Cross-platform Support: Whether you're using Android or iOS, including the React Native Library, our SDK has you covered.

  • Simplified Integration: We've made it easy to integrate our SDK into your mobile applications.

  • Top-notch Accuracy and Battery Efficiency: Enjoy best-in-class accuracy without compromising on efficient battery usage.

  • Optimized Data Collection: Our SDK incorporates data collection with reduced bandwidth demands.

  • Respecting User Privacy: We place a strong emphasis on respecting user privacy throughout our SDK design.

What are some important concepts?

Before diving into the integration of the Sentiance Platform into your mobile application, let's take a moment to get acquainted with some essential concepts. Understanding these concepts will make the integration process a breeze.

  • Feature Overview: Explore the various entities and objects within our Platform, such as Transports, Crashes, Challenges, Scores, and more.

  • Access Mechanisms: Discover the range of APIs available in both the SDK and the Cloud (GQL) to access various motion insights about your users.

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