User Creation (via Authentication Code)

For every user on your platform there must exist an associated user on the Sentiance platform. The process of associating users between the platform is accomplished using the createUser method on the Sentiance SDK.

Your mobile application requires an authentication code in order to execute the createUser SDK method. The below instructions details how you can fetch an authentication code from the Sentiance Platform.

Generate an authentication code for a user

  1. Create a user_link API key from the "Insights-Control-Tower > Developer > API Keys"

  2. Request a authentication code from (method: POST)

    1. Use the user_link key as the Authorization Bearer header

    2. Set the request body as {"external_id": "<user-id-on-your-platform">}

  3. Retrieve the authentication_code for the response body

  4. Return the code to your mobile application

  5. Use this code in createUser method

Note: An authentication code has a very small expiration (approx 10 mins)

You can find a code reference in our sample application.

This operation must be performed during the signup and login workflows of your application.

Similarly execute the "reset" SDK method when a user logs out of your application

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