User Adaptive Score

The user adaptive score is based on Sentiance driving insights and customized for a specific user population & use case. This model is designed with a default scoring logic that dynamically integrates a portion of the accumulated trips score alongside a portion of the new trip score. The adaptiveness of the score ensures that it is highly personalized, offering nuanced insights that can support targeted engagement strategies and interventions tailored to the unique characteristics of the user base and their respective driving behaviors.

The user adaptive score is updated at the end of every trip

GQL Definition: UserEngagementScore

GQL Path: user.engagement.scores.driving_overall

Similarly there exists a overall score for two-wheelers as well user.engagement.scores.riding_overall

query User($user_id: String) {
  user(user_id: $user_id) {
    engagement {
      scores {
        // ... Specify other scores

Sub Scores

The Dynamic Scoring Model features an adaptive overall score, denoted as [driving|riding]_overall, which represents a comprehensive assessment of a user's driving or riding behavior. In addition to this overarching score, there are specific sub-scores designed to highlight particular aspects of driving or riding behavior



Evaluates the smoothness of the driver's actions, including acceleration and braking.


Measures the driver's ability to stay focused on the road without engaging in distracting activities.


Assesses whether the driver adheres to speed limits and avoids speeding.


Analyzes the rider's control over the vehicle, looking for harsh maneuvers that may indicate risky behavior.


Checks if the rider follows traffic laws, highlighting compliance with road regulations.


Detects instances of making calls while riding, indicating potential distractions

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