Builder class for SentianceOptions.

SentianceOptions.Builder API


Builder(Context context)

Creates a builder object used for initializing the Sentiance SDK.


Builder setNotification(@NonNull Notification notification, int notificationId)

Sets the notification that the SDK will show when running in the background, along with the notification ID. These are passed to Android's startForeground method when starting a foreground service.


Builder collectAppSessionData()

Sets whether app session data collection is enabled. By default, it is disabled.

If enabled, the SDK may collect additional sensor and location data when the app is in the foreground (i.e visible to the user). This data may get uploaded to the Sentiance Platform.


Builder disableIncorrectInitializationNotification()

On debug builds of your app, the SDK will show a notification when it detects an incorrect SDK initialization. Use this method to disable the notification.


SentianceOptions build()

Builds an SentianceOptions object.

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