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Developing with Multiple Environments: Best Practices for Success

It is a best practice to use multiple environments during the development of your apps (Development, Testing, Production, etc.)

You will need a separate app that is defined on the Sentiance Platform for each of these environments, make sure to mention this in your request.

This will also allow us to enable debugging & analytics on your development environment if necessary.

Requesting a Sentiance App

In order to properly integrate the Sentiance SDK, you will need a Sentiance App that is defined on the Sentiance Platform. A Sentiance App has a unique set of credentials (API keys) that you will use during your integration. You can request an app by emailing or your Sentiance project point of contact.

Sentiance API Keys are used to create users on the Sentiance Platform or query user data. These keys are used for authenticating requests coming to the Sentiance Platform from your backend. You must never embed or transmit API keys to your mobile app, as this can lead to leaked keys.

Getting access to API keys

  1. After logging in (with a two-factor authentication step), you will be presented with a dashboard for one of your apps as well as a dropdown to select other apps.

  2. Go to the Developer screen using the left menu.

  3. You will see tabs for API Keys and other Sentiance features (if such features are enabled for your account).

  4. In the API Key management tab, click on the top right "Create API Key" button.

  5. In the new popup dialog, enter a name for your key, and check USER_LINK. This will grant user creation privileges to this key.

  6. Click "create." You can download key and/or copy the key to your clipboard. Note: this key will only be presented to you once. If not copied, we have no way of retrieving it.

  7. Use this key to authenticate your user creation requests towards the Sentiance API. For more on this, see here.

In order to perform the above steps you will need developer permissions for your app / company.

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