Utilize the Smart Geofences API

Accessing some of the API classes that are mentioned on this page requires additional Sentiance SDK dependencies. See this page for more information.

On this page, you can find examples of how to register for real time smart geofence entry and exit event notifications, how to query the Sentiance SDK for the current smart geofences detection mode, as well as how to refresh the list of monitored smart geofences.

Listen to smart geofence entry/exit events

// Create an instance of the delegate that will handle the events.
private let smartGeofenceEventDelegate = MySmartGeofenceEventDelegate()

// Set the delegate on the Sentiance SDK. Note that the SDK holds a weak
// reference to this delegate.
Sentiance.shared.smartGeofenceEventsDelegate = smartGeofenceEventDelegate

// Define the delegate class that will handle the events.
class MySmartGeofenceEventDelegate: SmartGeofenceEventDelegate {
    func onSmartGeofenceEvent(_ smartGeofenceEvent: SmartGeofenceEvent) {
        // Handle the events here.

Refresh the list of monitored geofences

The SDK regularly refreshes the list of monitored geofences. You can request an immediate refresh as follows:

Sentiance.shared.refreshSmartGeofences { result, error in
    if let result {
        print("Geofences refreshed")
    if let error {
        print("Error happened with smart geofence refreshing:" + error.description)

Get the current smart geofences detection mode

let detectionMode = Sentiance.shared.smartGeofenceDetectionMode
print("Detection mode is:" + String(describing: detectionMode))

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