Injecting Fake Data

Fake Transports

We support injecting fake transport data for testing the integration with our APIs or testing our technology built on top of transports data (Engagement: streaks, challenges, badges, etc).

This can be achieved by using the create_fake_transport mutation using an API KEY with the scope FAKE_DATA_INSERT.

mutation ($user_id: String) {
	user_id: $user_id # has to be a valid Sentince ID
	mode: CAR
	safety_scores: {
		overall_safety: 1.0
		legal: 1.0
		smooth: 1.0
		focus: 1.0
		call_while_moving: 1.0
	transport_id # the ID of the injected fake transport

This feature is only available for dev app IDs; get in touch with your contact at Sentiance or contact to get you started.

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