Detections (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions about false or missing detections.

Why is there no data for a specific timeline?

I have installed the app less than 3 days ago Our platform needs a certain amount of data before we can start identifying your events, moments & segments correctly. Please make sure you've been tracking with the permissions set correctly for at least a few days. Specific venues, like home and work, could take up to a week to detect correctly.
I have installed the app more than 3 days ago Make sure your device has the required specifications. The device must have an accelerometer at the least and it is best if it also has a gyroscope present. Make sure you've given the right permissions.
Also, specific android devices may require whitelisting. If none of this works or you need more information, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Why is a trip incorrectly or not at all detected?

When a trip is incorrectly detected or not detected at all, it might be because:
  • The phone was in flight mode during the trip.
  • The trip was very short in duration (< 3 min).
  • The trip was very short in distance (< 2 km or 1.25 mi).
  • The phone was in battery-saving mode during the trip.
  • The app did not get the required permissions (always-on) during the trip.

Why was phone usage falsely detected during a trip?

Our algorithm that detects phone usage while driving might sometimes detect phone usage when the phone is moving in the pocket while driving, or when it hits a sequence of speed bumps. We optimize for precision. i.e. it should happen less than 10% of the time.