The Engagement product offering sits on top of Sentiance's Insights and can used to build coaching modules to increase user engagement and retention in your applications.

Available features

The Engagement platform contains the following features. All features can be implemented separately, or together with any of the other features.

Select a feature to discover more details and learn how to integrate it.

  • User Adaptive Score: Adapts to individual user behavior to provide scores.

  • Streaks: Encourages better driving habits by rewarding users for consistent safe driving behaviors

  • Challenges: Engages users with driving-related challenges, designed to promote safer driving practices and improve overall driving behavior through engaging and goal-oriented tasks

  • Reward System: Awards users with visual tokens of achievement for completing specific milestones or activities.

  • Communication Campaigns: Engages users with targeted messages and notifications, enhancing interaction and retention.

  • Transport Scores: Offers detailed insights based on transportation behavior, including adaptive scores, focused scores, etc., aimed at enhancing understanding and improvement of driving and transportation habits.

  • Event Logs (Engagement): Allows users to submit logs, with some logs carrying special meanings related to the operation of the other engagement features,

Querying the platform

Just like the rest of the cloud platform, the engagement features can be accessed and queried through our GraphQL (GQL) API. All engagement features can be queried through our GraphQL (GQL) API, specifically through the subquery at path user.engagement

query User($user_id: String) {
  user(user_id: $user_id) {
    engagement {
      // Specify the engagement feature and details you wish to query

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