Verifying your integration

Self-serve test plan to verify your Sentiance integration before go-live.

Non functional

In order to get to a smooth roll-out there's some best practices you may want to follow to provide your end-users with a great experience
  • Each development environment uses it's own app-id
  • The mobile application has a clear user on-boarding flow that explains why you are collecting the end-users data.
  • If applicable you have a system set up to guide end-users through whitelisting. More info on this can be found at
  • You have shared you rollout plan and volume with us.


  • You are using the latest SDK
  • Share your integration with us via Testflight or an APK
  • Sentiance users are being created properly
  • User linking works as expected
  • Event collection is happening
  • Proper timeline construction without gaps
  • Backend queries use the API Keys
  • App / user based queries use a user token
  • You are not using GraphQL / API queries for real-time use cases (e.g. polling)
  • Heavy / Large queries are validated by us


  • Connection to your S3 bucket is successful
  • Offloads are visible & generated on a daily / weekly basis
  • Automatic transfer of offloads to your own backend


  • Your endpoint is set up
  • You are receiving messages in real-time based on your requirements
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