Custom User Metadata

Custom metadata allows you to store text-based key-value user properties into the Sentiance Platform. These keys and values are treated as opaque strings (except for the "user_id" key, see below) and are meant for retrieval only. There is a limit of 50 properties per user and a limit of 500 characters for keys and values.

Typical examples include custom userIDs and application-related properties you need after the processing.


Here we will add a single field "correlation_id" to the metadata, with a value of '3a5276ec-b2b2-4636-b893-eb9a9f014938'.

[[SENTSDK sharedInstance] addUserMetadataField:@"correlation_id" value:@"3a5276ec-b2b2-4636-b893-eb9a9f014938"];
sentianceSdk.addUserMetadataField("correlation_id", "3a5276ec-b2b2-4636-b893-eb9a9f014938");

The "user_id" key is special. When it is set, it shows up in all our exported reports under metadata as metadata.user_id. Use this to map the users from your app to their Sentiance user ids.