Getting Started
You can find us on Github.
Make sure to think about your development environments before you get started
It is a best practice to use multiple environments during the development of your apps (Development, Testing, Production, etc.)
You will need a separate app id & secret for each of these environments, make sure to mention this in your request.
This will also allow us to enable debugging & analytics on your development environment if necessary.

Requesting an app id & secret

In order to properly integrate the Sentiance SDK you will need an app id & secret. You can request these by emailing to [email protected] or your Sentiance project point of contact.
Please note that we don't recommend hard-coding the appID and secret key in your app. This is not secure and can lead to leaked credentials. Please load these credentials from a secure source such a remote server, and store them securely on the device.

Getting your app credentials

  1. 2.
    You should see at least one cell with the name of your app or company
    • You may see one per development environment as mentioned above.
  2. 3.
    The first field contains your app id & an easy copy button
  3. 4.
    Click on "Click to reveal" under app secret
  4. 5.
    You will now have an appID & secret key ready for integrating the Sentiance SDK into your mobile application
In order to perform the above steps you will need developer permissions for your app / company.
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