iOS Quick Start

Platform requirements

The Sentiance SDK requires iOS 13.0 or higher. Apps should be built with the latest iOS SDK provided by Apple/Xcode.
Building and running your app on M1 Mac simulators is possible with the use of our custom TensorFlow Lite framework. List of all support architectures can be found here.

Dependency requirements

TensorFlow Lite

The Sentiance SDK uses version 2.7.0 of the TensorFlow Lite library. If your app depends on a different version, please reach out to Sentiance to address possible incompatibility issues.


The Sentiance SDK uses Protobuf version 3.18.


The Sentiance SDK uses UnzipKit version 1.9.
If you want to get started quickly, you can check out our sample application. If you prefer to integrate the SDK in your existing app, read on.